Sunday 25 May 2008

ProText On Tour

Onstage Readings of New European Drama In Non-theatrical Spaces – 1

In early June, the Contemporary Alternative Art & Culture Organization 36 MONKEYS will present three German plays and two concerts by the group BGz in Veliko Turnovo and Varna within its project ProText On Tour. After the guest performances in Rousse and Plovdiv in January this will be the second tour of the project team.

On June 5, we will perform the play Blaubart – Hoffnung der Frauen, by Dea Loher in Veliko Turnovo. On June 6, BGz will play a show at the Spider Club. On June 9 and 10, the plays, Der Häßliche, by Marius von Mayenburg and 69, by Igor Bauersima will be performed within the parallel program of the 2008 Varnensko Liato Theatre Festival. On June 9, BGz will be playing at the Comics Club.

Plays will be performed to audiences in different non-theatrical spaces selected on a text-specific basis and will feature multimedia and live music. The project aims to present some leading trends in European theater and drama, to experiment with the art form of onstage reading that lies in the genre gap amidst theatre, literature, public performances of literary work, to incite dialogue among playwrights and their potential partners such as theatre directors, actors, artists, musicians, theoreticians, and critics in order to further experimentation with the form and feel of, and the problems raised by, the performed texts and their means of representation, to promote contemporary alternative art and its concept of theatre.

The bill of ProText-1 includes a total of four German plays that were translated expressly for the purpose of the project Performances took place in November and December in Sofia as each week a different play was performed at a different venue. The young team of artists had one week to prepare the next performance for the audience.

A project by
36 MONKEYS, Contemporary Alternative Art & Culture Organization

Supported by:
Debut Projects Support Fund
The Fabric: Regional Cultural Resource Center

Art Group Dupini
International Theatre Festival Varna Summer [Varnensko Liato]

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