Wednesday 16 November 2011

P.O. BOX.Unabomber - PREMIERE

P.O. Box Unabomber (2011)
theatre | new Bulgarian playwritin
Written by Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova
Directed by Gergana Dimitrova / 36 Monkeys
Assistant Director: Petko Stoyanov
Original music by Todor Stoyanov (Ambient Anarchist)
Video Art by Lyubomir Draganov – Phormatik Visual Lab, Nikola Nalbantov, Vladislav Iliev, Kamen Dimitrov 
Set design and costumes by Elena Shopova
Lights by Elena Shopova
Cast: Elena Atanasova, Nadejda Panayotova, Bogdan Kazandjiev, Peter Meltev
Coordination: A25 Cultural Foundation

A performance realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sofia Municipality’s Culture Program.

“We can do anything we like as long as it is unimportant. But in all important matters the system tends increasingly to regulate our behavior”, writes Ted Kaczynski, a math professor, social critic, genius and long sought-after terrorist, in his manifesto “Industrial Society and Its Future”. True to 36 Monkeys’ interest in the hot topics of the day, P.O. Box Unabomber interlaces a number of plotlines in order to face a married scientist (embarked on the road to become a warrior), the proechidna (Zaglossus bruijni, the egg-laying mammal from New Guinea) and everybody around them (children, drivers, policemen and satellites) with the question: What are we going to do from now on?

36 Monkeys 
is an organization established in 2007. It is known mainly by its long-term project ProText in which the team of theatre directors works up a specific dynamic form of performative reading of plays (an action in-between a play’s stage reading and completed performance) and presents a selection of new European drama authors and titles in their first Bulgarian translation. Convinced that contemporary theatre could happen everywhere their shows have been performed in places as different as basements and corridors, operating and abandoned bars, fitness and Internet halls, museums, art galleries and libraries. Zdrava Kamenova, an actress and playwright and Gergana Dimitrova of 36 Monkeys collaborated and wrote the play on the occasion ofProText’s fourth edition “MADE IN BULGARIA” (2010).

Premiere 16,17,18 November, 7:30 p.m.
next performances: 9,10, 17, 18.12.2011/10.01.(with English subtitles), 29 and 30 .01.2012 at 19:30h
 Suspacious Studio
13 Shesti Septemvri Street
Duration: 90 minutes

Ticket price: BGN 10 (BGN 8 for groups of 5 persons) in Ticketstream or in Suspacious 2 hours befor the performance

for more info: or  +359 878 257 966 and

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