Friday 2 November 2007

ProText Description


Onstage Readings of New European Drama In Non-Theatrical Spaces
First Edition

ProText is 36 Monkeys’ debut project that focuses on contemporary European drama writing. The first edition features four plays representative for the German drama of today that will be staged using the special theatrical form of onstage reading outside the institutionalized environment of theatre.

The texts have been translated for the first time into Bulgarian expressly for the purpose of this project. The selected plays are: 69, by Igor Bauersima, Der Häßliche, by Marius von Mayenburg, Blaubart - Hoffnung der Frauen, by Dea Loher, and Vorher/Nachher, by Roland Schimmelpfennig. Each play will be set in a different space that is integral to the specifics of the given text.

The idea behind these reading performances is to set up a homogeneous art milieu in which architectural space, texts, actor’s presence, live music act and multimedia are blended into a single body that binds its individual elements into a coherent union.

Partners of ProText:
Goethe-Institut-Bulgarien, The Czech Cultural Centre, Sofia, Vaska Emanuilova Art Gallery, The National Academy of Arts, Two and a Half Producer Company.

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