Sunday 18 November 2007

ProText will debut with a reading performance of 69, by Igor Bauersima at Goethe-Institut

The first show in the bill of 36 Monkeys’ ProText Project will open at 7:00 p.m. on November 20 and 21 by an onstage reading of 69, a play by Igor Bauerisima, a German dramatist of Czech background.

Production Team:

Directed by Gergana Dimitrova

Assistant Director: Vasilena Radeva

Starring: Elena Dimitrova and Peter Meltev

Scenic Design by Miroslav Yordanov

Original Music by Branimir Stoykov – bggz

Animation by Boryana Krusteva

Video & Vision Mix by Lyubomir Draganov

The play 69 deals with the incompatibility of present-day morality and worldview with the stable Christian norm and trust in unalterable values and authentic truths. This is a play for human culture’s attitudes towards reliable and secure moral principles that fail to match today’s moral relativism and lack of genuineness. “Cannibalism” is the mode of our post-modern existence; our identity is a feeble medley of devoured ready-made sentences, someone else’s experiences and emotions: “to eat or to be eaten: is it not as if everything has already happened before?” Employing a criminal story about a cannibal and her victims the text speaks of contemporary human being having lost its pivot, sense and worth and of its endless hardships while wandering about amidst the effaced milestones.

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